Tarot #55 CoverA GLOW COVER

Tarot #55 CoverA GLOW COVER

    Tarot #55 CoverA GLOW COVER

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    Tarot #55 CoverA GLOW COVER
    Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #55

    "SHADES OF MAGICK" Story and Art By Jim Balent

    The book of dark Magick has vanished from it's protective vault and Raven Hex is nowhere to be found. Fearing what horrors her sister might unleash with that book, Tarot tracks her sister to the Witches' market, where among the many arcane items for sale lurks the fangs and claws of a beast hungry to rip into new flesh.

    As always created with 2 Jim Balent covers.
    Issue Ships late March 2009
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