Tarot #98 ships next week & Kickstarter Update

OhMyGlob! SO much Paper work- So many orders of Tarot#98 getting shipped next week! AND keep your eyes peeled if you’re a Kickstarter Backer, The Stretch Goal Art Prints, Door Hanger, Decal, Bumper Sticker & if you got Magnets, Buttons or were a Model Photo Backers… GET READY FOR MUCHO GOODIES! Did You Reserve your […]

Exclusive Spellbook One week offer!

Hey All! I JUST finished doing the production of the Spellbook and it looks DELICIOUS! There will be 3 Editions: The Silver Metal Cover-those who pledge for THE EXCLUSIVE SWEETEN THE POT “SILVER SPELLBOOK” PACKAGE! , The Pearlized Cover- those who pledged THE EXCLUSIVE SEE & RAISE “SPELLBOOK” PACKAGE! & a regular Edition but with […]


TAROT#100 This is it Folks! On September 2016 we will hit 100 Issues of Tarot! We want to share with you some art from this exciting milestone! You may preOrder with this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print,& The Photocover, that will be Exclusive to Stores & our Studio Online […]

Tarot#99: Wicked Gifts- $5 Early Bird Incentive!

EarlyIncentive Tarot #99: “Wicked Gifts” Story and Art by Jim Balent Mature Readers Tarot visits the Mist Realm to reflect on her life and her upcoming Wedding. She is presented with many tasty treats by the Faery Folk. But not all the Faeries have pure intent. With only months before her Hand-fasting, Tarot finds herself […]

Order Tarot#98 A & B on their own, Tarot#98 Studio Ed. & Add Ons!

The Skeleton Man Hero Cover! Tarot #98 in Stores May 25th! Just wanna pick up Cover A or Cover B of Tarot#98? Now’s your chance! This Issue features fan favs like Crypt Chick and the long awaited return of Izzy! Tarot#98 Studio Edition Now available to pre-order on it’s own! Limited Edition Print Run, comes Signed […]

Tarot#78 Mother’s Day Special!

Studio Edition available on it’s own for $5! Click HERE Happy Mothers’ Day!! Tarot#78 Studio & SkyClad Edition One Day Special for Only $45!! Click Here to get them BOTH! Already Shopped this weekend ? Want to add this special to your parcel?? CLICK HERE TO ADD THEM to your current order!    ©2016 BroadSword […]

Free ComicBook Day, Tarot#98 Studio Ed. & Add Ons!

FREE School Bites #1 You could get Cover A or B!* *while supplies last ** Pre-Order are excluded-must ship during next week. HAPPY FREE COMICBOOK DAY! Happy Saturday Everybody!! To join in the FUN of FREE ComicBook Day, I’ll include a School Bites #1 in every order made today AND any parcel that I’ll ship […]

Last Chance to grab Early Incentive for Tarot#98 & See NEW Cover Art!

Click for Tarot#98’s Early Bird Incentive “Lost Toys”, In stores May25th 2016 Story and Art by Jim Balent Mature Readers Some items you lose and no matter how hard you look, are never found again. And then there are other Items, Evil Items, you pray never return! An Old Evil once thought lost has been […]

Jim & Holly on the Paranormal Pop May 5th RadioShow Tonight!

Jim & Holly on the Paranormal Pop May 5th Show Happy Revenge of the 5th!! Today : Jim is putting finishing touches on the cover to Tarot#100- then inking it…I’m workin like a squirrel in a nut factory on Tarot#98 finish production for tomorrow’s deadline!BUT tonight from 7-8pm est, Jim & I are doing a […]

May the 4th Be With You Special!

One of the Fun Costumes I have in my closet! Did you Miss the Exclusive Lil’ More Holly Book? This is an exclusive visual storybook by Jim Balent, that tells the tale of a Girl, her Cat and a Closet full of Costumes. 22 pages of full colour frolicking. The Originally Deluxe Cover Stock Edition […]