Last Day of Our Tarot Deck of Cards Kickstarter!!!

A whole Lotta Stretch Goals! This is it!! My Count Down reads 23 hours as I type this Newsletter!! So If you wish to Join our Project Click Over Now!! OOOooOooOdles of Stretch Goal Goodies have been added and below we have what might be the last two? Ya Never know- we may have to […]


Quest for the Black Rose Sword pt2 Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose #11 “Quest for the Black Rose Sword” Part 2 Tarot’s body lies lifeless on a marble slab as her spirit continues to journey through the Tarot deck in her quest to find the Sword of the Black Rose. Now, with time running […]


Studio Elite #62 numbered Edition Happy Balentines Day ALL! Sorry for any delays, but not only did the Love bug bite me, but I’ve had a really bad cold for a few days, I really could not get out of bed- But thanks to Jim’s due to his¬†Plus 5 Healing Skills and Chicken- I’m on […]


Professional Live Card Reading! It’s in the Cards! Only 10 Days left to join our Tarot Divination Card Kickstarter! Don’t Miss a One on One Divination Experience with me! I’ll do a professional Tarot Card reading over Skype/Phone PLUS a trading card sized quick sketch by Me! Only 7 Spots available. Click Here for Your […]

Mardi Gras Vampire Celebration Tarot TPB#8 $9.99!

Vampires ROCK! Vampires are Celebrating in New Orleans for sure! Enjoy vol#8 During this Mari Gras FLASH Sale! Don’t Miss this Special cause that would totally SUCK! ;) This Trade paperback has collected Issues #36, 37, 38, 39 & 40 which includes one shot stories ”REMAINS’ to be Seen”, ” Between Two Worlds”,” No Rest […]


STRETCH GOALS ADDED SO FAR: All Decks Expanded with Divination Cards, Hexy Doorhanger, Art Prints, Bumper Sticker & 12pg Guide booklet to the Cards… Hey All! A BIG Thank You to everyone who’s joined our Kickstarter and to let you know that the Tarot Card Deck will be Exclusive to our store but extra Decks […]

TAROT #23 ReIssued!

GHOULS GONE WILD! Tarot# 23 ReIssued This is part one of a 2 issue Story arc that can not be missed! It is the first time Jon ever proposed to Tarot. This Fantastic Crazy Odyssey has been out of print for YEARS! Now we will REissued it in a high quality Edition! The reIssue will […]

Tarot #76 Studio $5 Special & More!!

BOO! Have a BOO-tiful Weekend with the Collectors’ Edition of Tarot #96 AND our $5 SPECIAL onTarot#76 Studio Edition! First 4 Readers that nab the Tarot #76 Studio with the add on Signed feature-will get a bonus full colour art print of Tarot and some Pumpkin pals! Click for Tarot#96 Licky D & Boo Cover […]

We’ll be at the London Film & Comicon Feb 27th & 28th!

Hey Everybody!!! Just an Update about our Visit to the UK! We will be indeed at the London Film & Comicon Feb 27th & 28th! Jim and I, will be doing Free quick Sketches when you buy a lil’ something at our table. We’ll have some Art prints and lil goodies special for you! You […]

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Hey All!! If you’d like to receive Newsletters from your Truly (meeee) Then Please Sign up for them with THIS LINK The Newsletter Link will be updated on our website¬†HAS been Updated! (Thank You Matt) xxx Holly!