This is it Folks! On September 2016 we will hit 100 Issues of Tarot! We want to share with you some art from this exciting milestone! You may preOrder with this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print,& The Photocover, that will be Exclusive to Stores & our Studio Online Store. You may also add the Studio Cover if you wish, it will be the ink work from Cover A.

And now here’s the Story

“The Which Witch Bride” by Jim Balent, Today is Tarot’s wedding day. But it’s her Doppelganger that is about to get Handfasted to her Beloved Jon! Raven Hex nor their Mother has seen through the glamour spell that masks the true form of the Bride! Meanwhile the Real Tarot is forever chained in the fairy realm! In celebration of Our 100th Issue of Tarot, Holly G! will be contributing her spin on our favorite Red Headed Witch! “Teen Tarot”. #100 will be 32 pages & FULL Magickal Colour! So this Issue will have even more Magickal Art & Stories!

We also wanted to to share the news that in Late July, we will be doing a Special Kickstarter for Issue#100! It will feature Unique Editions! Including an Exclusive Extended 48 paged version of #100. SO Stay tuned for more info!



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