$5 Special on Tarot#73 & Studio Updates


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Story and Art by Jim Balent

Only 1000 of these covers were created.

Option for Artist Signature and Add On the Whole Story Arc,” Kittens vs Robots”
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Tarot#73 Studio Cover



Tarot#109 is being created, Jim penciling & inking the story and I’ll begin colours this weekend.
More parcels of Tarot#108 preorders will be going out tomorrow.

We also have to share with you that we are closing our bscDigital.com site. Everyone up there will get to read Tarot#108 and then at the end of March -we’ll close it. Because of the Reader getting out dated and a bunch of booboos that I don’t have the tech know how, to correct AND us working with ComiXology’s kick ass site- we just decided it was the best thing to do. We thank everyone who was a member- it was a new idea back all those years ago- but now I’m gonna focus on reVamping our main site www.jimbalent.com! The New site is gonna be RAD! Already our host techs have made uber security improvements- I’m SO stoked how everything is gonna look & work!
Have a great Weekend