Happy 18th Birthday Tarot & BroadSword!

Thank You! From Jim: “18 years ago YOU, the Readers, bought the first TAROT: WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE comic! The so called “People in the Know” said the series wouldn’t last past issue 3! YOU, the Readers, proved them WRONG! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for keeping this series […]

First Look at Tarot#111 PhotoCover

Tarot#111: PhotoCover-“In Autumn Leaves ->Here’s our Blast from the Past Photocover. Taken 18 years ago the year we started BroadSword!<- This edition will be a part of the Tarot#111 Special PreOrder! And don’t miss the Skyclad Bundle Add On! Look for the Skyclad Add On Bundle save $25! PreOrder Tarot#111 Cover B Chrome Skyclad Gold […]

Ordering from Previews & $5 Tarot#110 Early Bird Special! The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers, A & B, with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping Or Are you a Comicbook store or Ordering Via Previews Catalog? Here are the codes you need to order our Goodies with: MAR181371 J TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE […]

First Look at Tarot#111 Boo/Tarot Massage Cover B w/ Skyclad Bundle!!

Tarot#111: Boo/ Tarot Massage Cover B Jim Just finished this beauty! Here’s the Modest B cover and the exclusive Skyclad Variants!! If you wish to add the Skyclad Bundle and you already preorder yesterday- respond to this newsletter and I’ll help you out :) Look for the Skyclad Add On Bundle save $25! PreOrder Tarot#111 […]

First Look at Tarot#111, Tarot #110 $5 Special & More!

Tarot#111: Happy Endings? Hey Guys! Even though we lost power from the snow storm last week, we’re on top of things! Tarot#109 is being look over by Jim now before we send our files to the printer and once again in the 18 years of publishing Tarot, we will be ON TIME! Below is Cover […]

Tarot#109-Studio Ed. Wrap Around Cover& 2 Sky Bundles Left NSFW!

Tarot #109 Studio Edition $19.99 Tarot#109 Studio Edition. $19.99 Limited Edition A Limited edition Wrap around Cover that features the Dangerous Dragon Witch: Morb-Meb-Dred Edition ships bagged & boarded, signed by Jim and preorders also signed by Holly. ships late March 2018 Already PreOrdered #109 wish to add Studio Wraparound cover to it CLICK here […]

Tarot#109 Raven Skyclad Gold Metal Plus variants & Snow Special! NSFW

Tarot#109 Raven Hex Skyclad Variant Jim has created this Enchanting digital painting of Raven for Tarot#109 Cover B. Here we present the Skyclad version and for the first time doing a limited first printing Edition on Metal, Chrome and High Quality Cover stock. Also Note that we do have a Bundle option that you may […]

$5 Special!-Did you Miss Tarot#65 Studio Edition: The Last Mermaid

“The Last Mermaid!” A Beautiful tale of caution: A desperate cry goes out to Tarot and her sister Raven Hex. Oil covered carcasses of merfolk, men ,women and children lie dead washed up on the gulf shore. Was it an accident of mass destruction or was it, as the merfolk see it, a weapon of […]

Tarot #102 Crypt Chick Photo $9.99 Special!

Did You miss the Spirited Edition? Tarot #102 Photocover CosPlay Edition Story & Art By Jim Balent MATURE AUDIENCE Third in a Series of Bodypainted Tarot Character Photocovers by the team of famed & award winning Body Painter, Nick Wolfe, Fantasy photographer, SGH PhotoArt and featuring Emily Åström ,as our Rocker Ghost- Crypt Chick CosPlayer, […]

Celebrate a Decade Since Tarot#50 was Released!

Tarot# 50 Reissued The Regular Edition will have Cover B ( on the Front) and Cover A ( on the back) signed Glossy Cover $15 We are also offering a very Special Limited Editions, the Rainbow Chrome: Variant, Cover will have an iridescent High Quality Cover Limited to only 25-(24 Avialable) signed and numbered this […]