Back From SDCC & Last chance for Stores to Order Tarot#100 & Original Art!


We’re Back & Survived SDCC!

Did you make sure that your Comicbook shop has Ordered Tarot#100 for September???
They’ll be able to Order the Exclusive Photocover, First ever 1st Print Sketchcover, The Deluxe Litho Edition, Covers A/B & if they order 10 items they get a bonus Incentive Cover WooHoo!

We Have two Warm up Sketches that Jim did in the the hotel during our SDCC stay. One Catwoman, One Batman- they are $250 each ($13.50 shipping) but if you grab both the shipping is on us! If you are interested, please respond to this email & I’ll send you a paypal url for you to fill out :)

I’ll be a Bizy Bee with tons of shipping, Drawing & building a Special Kickstarter for Tarot#100!

Thank You for making our Comicon so Special!


Jim’s Catty Warm Up Sketch


Jim’s Batty Warm Up Sketch

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