About Broadsword Comics

BroadSword Comics® was a long time dream for artist Jim Balent and in 2000 that dream became a reality.

Jim, along with his wife, artist Holly Golightly, started the company and are the two creators and it’s driving force. Jim and Holly are dedicated to their vision that comic books should have high quality, an uncompromised artistic vision and loyalty to the readers.

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose® is the flagship title and is still going strong since the year 2000. Other popular titles with the readers are School Bites, 3 Little Kittens, and VampFire.

BroadSword Comics® entertain a wide audience, from their mature reader series: Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose® and their all ages titles: 3 Little Kittens© and School Bites©.

BroadSword Comics® has won several awards including best independent title, best comic book, and best artist.

BroadSword Comics® has expanded its creativity beyond comic books into t-shirts, statues, and toys plus more. Jim and Holly’s vision for BroadSword continues to grow and they have no intention of stopping.

BroadSword Comics is proud to have its many issues that have been in print now online as a digital library at www.bscDigital.com

Broadsword Comics