Broadsword Projects

Jim Balent's Tarot - Broadsword

Jim Balent’s Tarot , Witch of the Black Rose

A supernatural adventure set in the present time & is filled with the shadowy world of dark and light Magick.

Aided by a winged black cat & an enchanted sword, the young voluptuous warrior Witch, Tarot battles for harmony against the forces of prejudice & darkness.

A respectful incorporation of the Wiccan tradition, this comicbook will by enjoyed by practicing Witches and lovers of fantasy adventure alike.

Mature Audience

Holly G!'s School Bites - Broadsword


What all good ghouls do… go to Vampire School!

Join Cherri Creeper and her friends in their first adventure at the Shadow Academy. Just think of Degrassi High with Fangs or Harry Potter meets Anne Rice.

Lovers of Goth, manga, and all things cute will enjoy this manga & webcomic!

+13 Reader

Jim Balent's 3 Little Kittens - Broadsword

Jim Balent’s “3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons”

This 3 part Mini Series entitled ‘Puss n Bullets’.

A fun feline Action / Adventure Comic for all you lovers of gun totin, karate kickin, cat-fightin gals who battle terrorism wearin the latest in Kitten Technology!

+13 Reader

Holly Golightly's Vampfire - Broadsword

Holly Golightly’s VampfireĀ©

Bethany is half-Demon and half-Vampire. Her Boyfriend is the Angel of Death and her Mother, Salome, wants her dead!

A Gothic Romance that takes you to Hell and Back. Illustrated in rich black and white art. Fans of ‘the Crow’, the Warren ‘Vampirella’ series and Anne Rice novels will enjoy this comic.