Completed Art of Tarot#105 San Diego Skyclad 2017


NEW 2017 Comicon Exclusive!

Limited to a print run of 100, This Stunning Art
by Jim for Cover B of #105,
but sans Tarot’s armor! Can’t Visit us at SDCC??-
we’ll reserve yours for you if you preorder now. $50
Did you already preorder #105-
then you can Add this to your current Order
WITH a special price!
( Special price can be gotten with a new order
if you look for the add on option to the
Tarot #105 ETC, the Cover A Skyclad Edition
& other editions.)
For the Add On Link Look below!
Comes Numbered and Signed.
ADD ON is $40!

San Diego SkyClad #105!


Cover B included with the $5 Special!