Exclusive Spellbook One week offer!

Hey All!

I JUST finished doing the production of the Spellbook and it looks DELICIOUS!

There will be 3 Editions: The Silver Metal Cover-those who pledge for THE EXCLUSIVE SWEETEN THE POT “SILVER SPELLBOOK” PACKAGE! , The Pearlized Cover- those who pledged THE EXCLUSIVE SEE & RAISE “SPELLBOOK” PACKAGE! & a regular Edition but with a really nice quality paper stock cover- not offered as yet.
The Last Edition I will offer only for a week, as I did Tarot#1. The Silver & Pearl Editions ARE Sold OUT

The 24 paged Spellbook will be $20

I MUST stress that this is ONLY for Grown Ups. The Spells that I wrote and Jim Illustrated are VERY grown Up and not intended for a young or immature audience. It contains real rituals and some include adult activities…well Sex… there’s Sex Magick.
Of course it can be obtained for just the pleasure of reading and enjoying the beautiful art… BUT ONLY FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE! Got it??
There’s no lewd art- it’s not oogy or anything… just erotic…


I’m really excited about these Editions, they are turning out so special!
Magick Hugs!


The Tarot/Raven Hex SpellBook!

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