Faerie Realm Passport: Love Faeries, Magick & Collecting- You better Read this then!


Faerie Realm Passport

art by Jim Balent & Holly G!

For those who are curious, Love collecting the usual, enjoy the beautiful and strange this is something that will be the ticket to Adventure!

Fill out your 3.5″x5″ Passport with all your personal info, don’t forget to insert your 2″ photo( double sided tape will do just fine.) Then read the does and don’t went entering the Faerie Realm!

In the 28 pages of your passport you’ll see various illustrations of Faerie Realm residence as well as some familiar faces. THEN went you purchase certain projects on our website*- OR visit us at a convention, or even bump into us on vacation, you may receive a limited Faeire Realm Sticker to collect in your passport! Think of them as individuals you have met during your travels in the Faerie Realm.

All the pre-order the passport will have “THE BOOBY FAERIE” sticker accompany your bewitching Rainbow Chrome Passport!

We hope you will join us in this Magical escapade! Let the Adventure Begin!


The Booby Faerie: The Faerie that Blesses some with…well she visited Raven Hex in issue #18!

*HINT: the first Faerie sticker will be included in Tarot#104 Special Preorder…so if you didn’t grab the #105 Special….