First Look at Tarot#111, Tarot #110 $5 Special & More!

Tarot#111: Happy Endings?

Hey Guys!
Even though we lost power from the snow storm last week, we’re on top of things!
Tarot#109 is being look over by Jim now before we send our files to the printer and once again in the 18 years of publishing Tarot, we will be ON TIME!
Below is Cover A for Tarot#111- Jim is working on cover B now and it will feature Boo Cat giving Tarot a special Massage- could it be Magickal?
We will have more art for you soon- we are still playing catch up from loosing power and fingers crossed, no new storms will blow down our power lines again!
I’ll resume shipping next week- cause the weather seems to be looking better.

You may now Purchase Tarot#109 separately as cover A or B – Scroll down and check them out!


Tarot#111: Happy Endings?


Tarot #110: The Dragon Prince


Tarot#110 Skyclad Edition

Tarot#109 Now Available as Single Issues Still after 18 years – $2.95!


Tarot #109 cover A


Tarot #109 cover B

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