Holly’s HOT Birthday Special!!!


It’s My Birthday Tomorrow!!

Hey Guys!!  Let’s start celebrating early!
Did you ever read my VampFire??
It was my first published creator owned comic-
Back in 1996, the first issue came out
under an indie publisher- and now that we
created BroadSword, we’ve reprinted it.
The first edition had sold out years ago-
so here’s a ReKindled Edition with extra
goodies in it’s 48 pages!  The Cover
was penciled by Jim & inked by me!
ALSO, I will randomly pick a Reader’s order
from this week and they will receive a
Metal edition ($100 value) of my VampFire!
So if you loved- Buffy ( who swiped a lot
of my story and names- for reals!)
the Crow and all things
Gothy and Vamp Sexy-
You’ll enjoy my VampFire!


some Variant Editions still available!