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Welcome October with Our Spooky Issues!

Here Comes Halloween! Jim & My Favorite time of Year, which is reflected in a lot of our stories!
I thought it would be fun to create a list of our top Spookiest Issues of Tarot!
Some are sold out issues, that you can still enjoy via our www.bscDigital.com site or comiXology!
Here are the first 5 from my monstrousness list of Tarot’s tales of Horror!! A CLICK of the image will bring you to a place where you may be acquainted with it….Bwhahahaha!!!


Part of the Tarot TPB vol 3

Tarot#6: “Ghoulish Intentions” Jon’s quiet cemetery is invaded by a horde of fleshing eating ghouls. Meanwhile Tarot is revisited by her old Love, Boo Cat. Werecats and Vampire Girls and Witches…OH MY! …Read this on www.bscDigital.com or from the comiXology!


Limited Edition ReIssue #12

Tarot#12: Vampires, Werewolves & Cheerleaders…OH MY!”
Evil comes in many forms , as Little Red Riding ‘Boo Cat’ is attacked by a jealous Werewolf, while on her way to meet her Vampire Lover, ‘Licorice Dust’. Meanwhile Licorice has her own problems. Her old gal pal gang, a trio of Vampire Cheerleaders, ambush her in a school yard playground. Alone against three Vampires out for blood and one enraged Werewolf, Boo and Licorice face their past but will they have a future!? Secret origins are revealed in this issue .


Available in print & digitally!

Tarot#13: Come Play Dead with Me!
The number 13 is NOT an unlucky number for witches. But on this friday the 13th Tarot may find herself thinking otherwise. An evil Dollmaker, Izzy, is brought back from the dead by her possed dolls after a horrifying accident. Stitched together and searching for spare bodyparts, Izzy sends her deadly dollys after Tarot to cut her into 13 pieces! Tarot and Skeleton Man take on Izzy and her Devil Doll army in this 13th issue of Tarot


Part of Tarot TPBvol 3 and offered digitally!

Tarot#16: ” Night of the Ginger-Dead Men!” Art and Story by Jim Balent In this Halloween issue, the tables are turned in Salem and it’s NO TRICK! This time the Treats are snacking on YOU! Hideous Creatures are stalking and abducting children as they Trick or Treat under the control of the delicious “Cookie”. It’s up to Tarot and Raven Hex to Save the Kids before they are eaten alive by these Wicked Sweets!


Available in our Photocover Ed. or Digitally

Tarot#25: “Superstition!”: Tarot is confronted by a Witch’s oldest enemy…”Superstition”. Now she must battle all the falsehoods of Witchcraft to stop this vicious circle of lies.

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