Independent Studies FireCracker Special- Bonus Desktop Wallpaper!


Celebrate Independence!

Come and Join in the Fun!
Have you ever read my School Bites???

Well think Harry Potter with Fangs
as a Girl, starring in a John Hughs Movie!
Fangs-Friends & Funny!
With every purchase I’ll email
you that cute Desktop wall paper below!
OH and click on it cause it hides
an Intro Special to School Bites!
AND if you click the banner above-
you’ll find ALL 5 my School Bites
volumes for $40!!
That’s like 406 pages of
sexy school ghoul fun! WOOHOO!
Happy Indie Day!


A Really Fun Read!


This limited edition has a golden foil cherry embossed on the cover!

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for another secret Indie Special!

Desktop Wallpaper will be
emailed to you when you
make a purchase

special ends 7/7/17 when I wake up

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