Kickstarter Pin Set ADD ON & Studio Update!


Tarot#100 is cooking in the Cauldron!

Jim & I are hard at work creating Tarot#100!
Thank You so much for join our Kickstarter! We’re on our way to adding the Halloween/Samhain Postcard Set for our next Stretch Goal!

If you didn’t know about ADD ONS- look below- I’ve feature the Rad Lapel pins that are exclusive add ons for this Kickstarter! If you’re interested here’s how to add em on :
1. Click the “manage your pledge” button on the project’s page.
2. Increase your pledge by the amount needed to claim the add-on(s).
3. Save your pledge. Do not change the tier that you originally pledged at.

Then just send me a heads up on the messages there- so I can place a note on your KS Backer profile ;)

I’m Shipping some of the “4 of a kind”, and the rest of the Model packages… more will ship out- I’m watching the weather- it’s really nasty here in PA :P

Tarot#24s ReIssues will be at the printers this week! So stay tuned for some wacky Summer Adventures! If you want to grab some of that Fun- CLICK HERE cause this will be a limited ReIssue :)

Stay Sunny!


Did you see the Tarot Pin set??? Just a $20 Add On for these 4 Sweet Kickstarter Exclusives! Click on over & Join the Magick!


Goodies you may ADD ON to your current Pledge package

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