Last Chance to get Holly’s Sketchbook


Yeah I drew it 2018
Going to Press on Wed

A collection of early ink and pencil drawings from Pin-ups to Vampfire Covers as well as Tarot characters and some new ones. B/W 36 pages, saddle stitched (bound in comicbook form) and every book comes signed.
Choose From These Variant Covers – Metal Editions come Remarqued (Quick Sketch) and Sketch Cover has one character of your choice & style: Full Colour Chibi or Realistic Pencil, the I’ll contact you for the character – Add On a Remarque to Glossy Edition $25- if you wish….
Sliver Edition 15 available ( 8 Left) $125 each
Gold Edition 15 available ( 8 Left) $125 each
Sketch Cover Edition 10 available ( 7 Left) $225 each

Also- if you are getting the Glossy Ed through the Kickstarter it will be Pearlized and Exclusive to Backers Only ;)

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.38.40 PM

More of What’s Inside!

Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18

Glossy Edition


Silver Metal Edition


Gold Metal Edition

ships late Feb through March

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Studio Update!

Hey Guys! In Todays Post I have the Holly Card Kickstarter “My Choice” Pledges & Double Trouble going out! Tomorrow’s Post will have the Glossy & Chrome Editions Of Tarot#108 Raven Skyclad & Tarot#5 ReIssues Eds- we’re still waiting on Metal Editions.
Tarot#100 Studio Ed Is back in stock- I found about 30 of them! WooHoo!