Limited Printing of ReMastered Tarot#1 ReIssue


Tarot# 1 2016 ReIssued

This 28 paged adventure is part one of a 4 issue Story arc that began the whole Tarot mythology! Now we will REissued it in a high quality Edition! I have recoloured Jim’s original art for cover A. So not only is it a reIssue- but a reMaster of that awesome 1st Cover. The reIssue will have Both Cover A ( on the Front) and on the back will have the Logo & both Jim & I will sign the edition. It is printed with a High Quality Cover. $25

We are also offering a very Special Limited Edition, the ‘Pearl” Variant, A Golden High Quality Cover Limited to only 3 signed and numbered this Edition will be $75

AND a our “Tarot Gold Edition” which is printed on a Gold hue metal. The Gold will set Jim’s perfect Inks ablaze! . Only 5 are available, numbered and signed for $125

Here’s the story: Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Art & Story by Jim Balent full colour Issue#1-Reprint The Witch Wars Part 1 of 4 Tarot, a witch of harmony and peace needs to reclaim a Dark Book of Shadows which her sister Raven Hex has stolen. Raven Hex, a Witch who is fed up with the bigotry of non-magickal humans, wishes to claim the earth for all of Witchkind! Because of Tarot’s genuine Wiccan Belief of “Do what thou wilt but Harm None” Tarot must stop Raven! Help comes from an old Cemetery.


Limited Print Run. Ships Aug 2016


TAROT#1 ReMastered Cover Art!


Here’s the Gold Metal Tarot#1 Edition as well as the reMastered Colour cover.

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