Mardi Gras Vampire Celebration Tarot TPB#8 $9.99!


Vampires ROCK!

Vampires are Celebrating in New Orleans for sure! Enjoy vol#8 During this Mari Gras FLASH Sale!
Don’t Miss this Special cause that would totally SUCK! ;)

This Trade paperback has collected Issues #36, 37, 38, 39 & 40 which includes one shot stories ”REMAINS’ to be Seen”, ” Between Two Worlds”,” No Rest for the Witchy “,”Future Fates” & “The Lovers’ Card” issue which features the Goth Vampire Licorice Dust. These are Fan Favorites and most are rare or Sold Out issues. Covers, a Litho Gallery and never seen before Goodies are included!

A must have for Tarot Lovers!


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