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Skyclad Chrome & Metal Options available

Tarot#117 Special!*


Part one
Art & Story by Jim Balent
 The forbidden book of curses has unleashed a Horror on to Salem that has never been seen before.
    Demons from another dimension have invaded the city and are killing hundreds.
    Tarot, Raven Hex and The Skeleton Man go on a suicide mission to save the town... and the world!

With this Special, You'll receive Covers A (shown above) & B , the Deluxe Art Print , 
CosPlayer Photocover, Bonus Mystery Gift and JUST for This Bundle a brand new Faerie Passport Sticker.
ships late July 2019
Photocover features, Playboy centerfold, Amy Nicole Moore as Raven Hex with the Magic photography of Stacy Hokett

 You may also ADD ON:
 the Studio Cover (for Only $15-reg $19.99) 
The Skyclad will be the unedited Cover 

Studio Edition