NEW Tarot & Raven Hex Tees + MORE!


Celebrating 17 Years of Tarot & BroadSword!

We are so pleased to offer these exclusive Jim Balent designs of Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose, his character & the flagship title at BroadSword Comics, our creator owned publishing studio.
To celebrate 17 years of BroadSword Comics & Tarot, we’re creating some spellbinding wearables & more!

Enjoy this limited time designs on T-shirts, stickers, totes & mugs!
Limited time Designs! So Grab them now!


Tarot tees, long sleeves & hoodies too!

front rav 1

Raven Hex Women’s & Unisex tees plus more!


Black Totes only in the EU but check out the USA ones too!


Perfect for your warm winter potions

Make sure if you are in the EU you choose the item marked EU
and USA will be marked USA ;)

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