Original Print Run of Tarot#13 Found & Kickstarter Goodies!!



Come Play Dead with ME- Original Cover B!

As It happens from time to time, when I’m organizing our comicbooks , I’ll come across a box of what I thought was a SOLD OUT edition… Found a box of Original Tarot#13s!!! Both Covers- A & B!
To celebrate, for a limit time, I’ll have them priced at $5!
This is also a Great time to grab it beforeTarot#98 with the return of Izzy. In #13 you will find her origins!
Just CLICK on the cover you desire for purchase!


Original Print run of Tarot#13 Cover A!

I’ve been hard at work getting the Tarot Card deck produced as well as all the goodies that go along with it. Thanks to our pal Brian, much of the Stretch Goal goodies are pouring in!
As I’ve done before- I can start adding them early to orders made on our website store!
So I’ll be looking over the Backers list and seeing if some of these marvelous goodies can go to their forever home early!
Below is a snap of who’s waiting to delight you!


Tarot Card Deck Stretch Goal Goodies!!! SQWEE!

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