NEW Kickstarter Launched Today YooHOoo!!!!

Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy: 2017 ReFluffed Edition! Guess What?! The Prince Pangur the Fluffy Graphic Novel is all but GONE! Especially the “Kiddie Kitty Cover”. When we were at San Diego Comicon, the most wonderful thing happened, many Cat Lovers, Adults & what was fantastic, Young Readers, grab up ol’ Pangur’s book and now […]

First Look: NEW Jim Balent cover art for upcoming Comicon Artbook

Drawn Together Book Eleven! Hey All! Jim just finished the inks for the Flip Cover of our upcoming Comicon Artbook! And if you scroll down, you’ll see the unedited version that will be included in the interiors! Won’t be at San Diego Comicon??? Reserve one of this 100 book edition! It would be Beastly if […]

Tarot#103 in Stores & on Comixology TODAY! 3/29/2017 NSFW

Grab Our 17th Anniversary Issue at Your Local Comicbook Store or Download it from Comixology! Covers A, B and The Studio Edition are all available at your Local Comicbook Store today! No Store Near you?? Then Read it on ComiXology OR Join our BroadSword Comics Digital Library Club,! OR if you wanna collect ALL […]

Drawn Together Book Eleven AND the Best of 48pg Edition OOo & a Bundle Special!

Summer is Coming…and so is Comicon Season! This year Jim & have created 2 new Artbook/Sketchbook projects! Can’t visit us at San Diego Comicon? Reserve your copy here and we’ll make sure one is set aside just for you! First is our Annual Drawn Together: Commissions and more enchanted colour & b/w art. This Year’s […]

Are you a Sorceress Stylist or just wanna look like one? NEW Tee Design!

This Will Look Magical on You! Magical Living by Holly G! Have you ever wondered about what other Witches & Wizards do in the Magical World. I sure have! So I’ve created fun designs that show you the unique jobs that would be happening there! Here’s a Witch that makes magic with your hair!! What […]

Happy Spring! $5 Tarot#31 PhotoCover Special NSFW

Blessed Ostara to All! This Edition will come with a Tarot Pentacle Rose Temporary Tattoo! ” Pesky Pixies!” Story and Art By Jim Balent It’s the Spring Equinox and everything is awakening from the long winter sleep. Unfortunately that includes pesky pixies. One of whom steals the Black Rose birthmark right off Tarot’s back! Pick […]

The Adventures of Bat Jim!

See what happens at the Jim Balent Studio when Snow Falls! Comicbooks should be FUN! and so are some of it’s Creators! LOL- Bleeding Cool thought so and here’s their article on Bat Jim vs Snowfall (well Snowfall does sound like a comicbook character- hang on…I’m gonna draw that one up- I CALL SNOWFALL!) Read […]

First Look: Tarot #105: Stonehenge Honeymoon”

Tarot#105: Stonehenge Honeymoon Jon surprises Tarot with a romantic Honeymoon trip to Stonehenge! Unfortunately they are not alone! Demons and Banshees dwell among the standing stones! Prayers of Devils and Pipes of Pan weave a spell over the virgins who lie beneath the haunted moon. Not exactly how Jon envisioned his night with Tarot! $45 […]

Tarot#103 Studio Cover UPDATE: NEW Cover Art!

Book is all done, getting ready to send files to our Printer! Jim & I rethought the Studio Cover Art and decided that this piece really relays a vibe it #103’s story. This will be the last full day to grab the Early Bird Incentive for #103since the cover art of #105 is getting ready […]

First Look: Tarot#103 Cover B!

Tarot#103: “Coven of the Nameless Ones” Tarot discovers the Coven that was responsible for her kidnapping. She decides not to tell her husband, for she fears it would be too dangerous for him to follow. It is a decision she may soon regret for the Coven of the Nameless Ones’ lair will become her tomb! […]