Last Day for the Tarot#101 Special!

The Krampus is waiting for you… With this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print, The Photocover & a Mystery Hexmas Gift!. You may also add the Studio Cover (it will be the ink work from Cover A.) & or the Skyclad Edition (Cover A sans Raven’s Dress) if you wish, […]

Tarot#100 $5 Special & Studio, Photo & Skyclad Editions!

This is your last Week to Grab the Tarot#100 $5 Special! By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping ETC may NOT ship early, they will go out as soon as we receive them from our Printers. Also there’s the Store Exclusive Photocover, Studio […]

First Look at Cover B of Tarot Issue 100!

Tarot#100! Here’s the B cover for Tarot Issue #100! Grab the $5 Early Incentive Before it ends next week! Also if you Pledged for our Tarot#100 Kickstarter, a few had alerts to update their Credit Card info, I sent you all a private message on how to fix that- last chance before Pledges drop & […]

Only Hours Left to Become a Tarot#100 Backer & Oh the Goodies!

Here’s the Biggest Reason to be a Backer! Heya Guys! Only 19 Hours left on the Kickstarter Campaign!! Because of all the wonderful support, the Stretch Goals that will be in All parcels of $20 pledges & up are SO many! Below is a banner, also one for ADD ONS- time is ticking and the […]

Tarot#100 Kickstarter: Only 3 Days Left

Look at ALL the Goodies! Only 3 Days left to join the Tarot#100 Extended Edition Kickstarter! A BIG reason why to join- For the excellent project we’ll be creating AND Look at all those Stretch Goal Goodies!!! All Parcels will get them! HERE’S THE LINK come visit for a Spell stay for the Magick! xx […]

Tarot#24 reIssue Ships tomorrow!

Did this mer-Maid your Day? A Heads up that the Limited Edition reIssue of Tarot#24 will be in the post tomorrow! The regular and the Pearl will ship, we’re still waiting for the Metal Edition- takes a bit longer to create- but the wait is so worth it! We still have the Regular Edition-$12.50 (signed!)- […]

Jim Balent’s Archie AfterLife Cover & NEW Kickstarter Stretch Goal!

Betty & Veronica kick Zombie Butt! JIm & I are as busy as squirrels in a nut factory! On Aug 31st, Jim’s Archie Afterlife #10 variant cover, will be at your neighborhood Comicbook Store! So Grab yours before it’s Gone!!! ALSO we have reached out 30K stretch Goal for Tarot#100 Extended Edition and with ONE […]

A Peek at the Tarot#100 Extras!

Hey All! Here’s a Snippet of one of the Photos we’ll have in the Extended Edition of Tarot#100! I get to be Broadsword Gal for Issue 100! Yay! Of course my sword is a light saber- like you didn’t know that was gonna happen!! Not a Backer as Yet??? THEN CLICK HERE! May the Force […]

Boo/LickyD Stretch Goal Reached- How ’bout some Raven/Krampus/Tarot!

More Kickstarter Goodies! HURRAY! You Requested some more Raven Hex- How about some Tarot & Krampus with that … at $28K two 6.5×10″ art prints will be added to Pledge Packages!! The Pledge Packages are growing with Stretch Goals- Invite your pals to Join us and it will grow even more!! CLICK TO KICKSTART! Better […]