Tarot#99 in Stores on ComiXology & bscDigital.com!

So many ways to enjoy the Magick! Visit your Local Comicbook store Today and grab Cover A or B or BOTH and if you Store ordered 10 copies or more ask about the Incentive cover! Want to read it Right this Minute??? Then Click over to comiXology OR join our Members Only site bscDigital.com! Or […]

Back From SDCC & Last chance for Stores to Order Tarot#100 & Original Art!

We’re Back & Survived SDCC! Want to pre order #100 from us just click this image Did you make sure that your Comicbook shop has Ordered Tarot#100 for September??? They’ll be able to Order the Exclusive Photocover, First ever 1st Print Sketchcover, The Deluxe Litho Edition, Covers A/B & if they order 10 items they […]

Meet Jim & Holly at SDCC2016 Booth #1715!

This Week is San Diego Comicon! This is it, Kids! Comicon begins Wed. night! And we’ll have Exclusives, Free Sketches with purchase, chatting, photo opps & all round comicbook pandemonium- I think I may have spelled that word right! WOW! Here’s a link to see a video of a few of the Exclusives that will […]

Hexmas in July: First Look at Tarot#101!

Tarot#101 Special! With this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print,The Photocover & a Mystery Hexmas Gift! You may also add the Studio Cover if you wish, it will be the ink work from Cover A. Now here’s the Story: Tarot#101:”The Krampus is SO Hexed!” The Krampus is so Hexed this […]

Last Day for Tarot#99 Early Bird & Tarot#100 Special!

Special Offers to change Tomorrow! Tarot#99 Early Bird Special! Grab the Tarot#99 Early Bird Incentive! By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers A & B with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping PLACE YOUR PREORDER NOW ETC may NOT ship early, they will go out as soon as we receive […]

Order the Tarot#99 Limited Studio Edition NOW!

Tarot#99 Limited Studio Ed. Enjoy this Limited Edition of Tarot#99 B/W Variant Collectors’ Cover! Comes Signed by Jim & Holly on Pre-Orders! Bagged & Boarded ships end of July 2016 Order Your Studio Edition NOW Tarot#99 Limited Studio Edition    ©2016 BroadSword Comics | PO BOX 596 Brodheadsville, PA 18322

First Look at NEW Jim Balent Cover Art for Tarot#99!

Tarot#99: Wicked Gifts s Tarot visits the Mist Realm to reflect on her life and her upcoming Wedding. She is presented with many tasty treats by the Faery Folk. But not all the Faeries have pure intent. With only months before her Hand-fasting, Tarot finds herself a target of a Doppelganger spell! As always regular […]

Celebrate Tarot#100 with the NEW Handfasting Fragrance!

NEW! the Handfasting Fragrance! This 1oz. of bewitching Elixir has been created to Celebrate the Union of Tarot & Jon. It has been specially created for both Women & Men to wear. Blended with Magickal intent, wear this fragrances to bring out your inner sorceress or enchantress… Blended with the highest quality of oils and […]

Read, White, & BOO! Tarot TPBvol#1 $17.76 + Boo Bonus!

Happy Read, White, & BOO! To Celebrate Independence Day (which we do everyday- we are an Indie Comicbook Studio!!) The Tarot Trade Paperback vol#1 will be $17.76 & willinclude a random issue of a Tarot single edition that features Boo Cat On the cover!! Click to Celebrate Indie Day! Happy Read, White & BOO!    […]

Live from the BroadSword Comics Studio! (Recorded 6/30)

Hello Everybody!! I used the ‘live’ video for the very 1st time yesterday on Facebook! Here’s part one- cause my connection dropped! I chat a bit about the Kickstarter & I how I created the deck :) To see part two- I’ll do another update later on or just visit my Facebook Page