Jim & Holly on the Paranormal Pop May 5th RadioShow Tonight!

Jim & Holly on the Paranormal Pop May 5th Show Happy Revenge of the 5th!! Today : Jim is putting finishing touches on the cover to Tarot#100- then inking it…I’m workin like a squirrel in a nut factory on Tarot#98 finish production for tomorrow’s deadline!BUT tonight from 7-8pm est, Jim & I are doing a […]

May the 4th Be With You Special!

One of the Fun Costumes I have in my closet! Did you Miss the Exclusive Lil’ More Holly Book? This is an exclusive visual storybook by Jim Balent, that tells the tale of a Girl, her Cat and a Closet full of Costumes. 22 pages of full colour frolicking. The Originally Deluxe Cover Stock Edition […]

First Look at our Comicon 2016 Sketchbook!

Drawn Together Book 10! Believe it or not I’m starting to organize for San Diego Comicon! WE will be at our usual spot,Booth #1715 and have lots of Exclusives this year as well! Here’s our First Exclusive: Our Comicon Sketchbook , Drawn Together Book 10! Inside are featured Commissions and more enchanted by Jim & […]

Merry May Day: Tarot#74 Studio Edition $5 & Free Fairy!

$5 Studio Edition Special! Merry May Day/ Blessed Beltane! Every Order Today will be accompanied by a Free Fairy Photo! Who will visit you? Cherry Pie Fairy or the Garden Fairy???! You Can Grab this special Edition of Tarot#74! Remember to always Click all the way through back to our website from Paypal when ordering […]

Original Print Run of Tarot#13 Found & Kickstarter Goodies!!

Come Play Dead with ME- Original Cover B! As It happens from time to time, when I’m organizing our comicbooks , I’ll come across a box of what I thought was a SOLD OUT edition… Found a box of Original Tarot#13s!!! Both Covers- A & B! To celebrate, for a limit time, I’ll have them […]

Limited Printing of ReMastered Tarot#1 ReIssue

Tarot# 1 2016 ReIssued This 28 paged adventure is part one of a 4 issue Story arc that began the whole Tarot mythology! Now we will REissued it in a high quality Edition! I have recoloured Jim’s original art for cover A. So not only is it a reIssue- but a reMaster of that awesome […]

Tarot#14 on ComiXology TODAY & something special comes with BOO!

The Trouble with Trolls! Trouble with Trolls! The fires of Beltane burn bright as Jon and Tarot are crowned King and Queen of the May Day festivities. But the forest Troll Queen is also celebrating this fertility festival and orders her army to find a suitable King to mate with. Jon is captured and brought […]

Countdown to Tarot #100!

Countdown to Tarot #100! That’s right, after 16 years of Jim & I creating Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose,Jim’s sketched out some thumbnails and has ideas ready to be launched for the creation of the Cover to Issue#100! Tarot is a Comicbook that is created with & by Love! Love of Comics, Love of […]

Tarot#88 Studio $5 Special & What’s New in the Studio!

Blessed are the Destroyers…. Tarot#88 Studio Edition $5 Special! Grab this Unsigned Limited Edition Variant cover of Tarot#88! “Blessed are the Destroyers!”, Story and Art by Jim Balent Mature Readers Raven Hex, after fully healing from the events in the Faery Realm ,seeks revenge against Lord Thornwic for betraying her family and almost killing them. […]

Tarot#97 In Stores TODAY!

Watch the Comicbook Trailer Video NOW! Tarot#97: HexBox-It’s Alive part2 Visit your local Comicbook Store and pick up a Copy TODAY! Shop not carrying Tarot?- Tell em to! Till thenCLICK HEREand shop at our store ;) PreSale ends March 31st! only two more days to make your preorder for the Tarot Card Deck! PREORDER NOW! […]