$5 Tarot#89 Studio Special!

Can’t get enough Krampus? “Return of the Krampus!” Story and Art by Jim Balent Mature Readers It’s The Night of December fifth, the night that The Krampus walks the streets, searching for naughty children to punish. Tarot returns to Austria to try and prevent this from happening. She failed last year. But this time she […]

NEW: My Choice: A Pin Up Photobook Limited Editions!

¬† My Choice: Pin Up Photobook My Choice: Over 2 decades of pin up photos and I picked my favorites to share with you in the 24 paged + centerfold Photobook! All Kickstarter Pledges will receive¬†the Exclusive Pearl Edition WITH a free remarque in their book (that’s a lil’ sketch!) The Limited Edition, the ‘Holly […]

The Krampus has not forgotten! Tarot#95 Skyclad Special!

You’ve been Naughty so We’ll be Nice Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay of the Hexmas celebration! We had a bit of a kitty emergency and the time I was going to create some specials & pack up some parcels was spent on rushing Prince Pangur to the hospital. Of course this was hours before […]

Tarot#107 In Stores Today!

Tarot#107 in stores and on bscDigital.com READ ON bscDigital.com It’s Krampus Time Tarot and Jon, still suffering from the curse of the Halloween Spirit, travel to Austria on Dec 5th to find the Yule devil,Krampus, to see if he can reverse the spell. Unfortunately there is a price that comes with working with the Yule […]

Jim Balent Barbarella Variant Covers & more!

Exclusive to JetPack Comics Includes regular (500), virgin(150) and granite edition (100) Ships 2nd week of December PREORDER DEAL $39.99 : 12/1 it goes up to $49.99 For all the Info Visit their website Zoom me to Jetpack Comics Totally Out of this World! Exclusive to VIECC & Comic Combo! Hope to see some of […]

By Popular Demand: Tarot#5 Reissued UnCensored!

Tarot# 5 ReIssued Uncensored This Epic one shot Issue, that contains the first appearance of Morb-Meb-Dred, has been out of print for nearly a decade . Now we will REissued it in a high quality Uncensored Edition! The reIssue will have Both Cover A ( on the Front) and Cover B ( on the back) […]

FIRST LOOK: Tarot#109 “A Dark Union”

Tarot#109 Special!* A Dark Union” Tarot is shot while accompanying the Skeleton Man on one of his missions! Jon must steal a police car to save her life! Time is ticking away as Tarot bleeds out! Meanwhile, Raven Hex is attacked by two of Azure’s minions as they attempt to retrieve his severed arm. Celebrate […]

Tarot#107 Early Incentive ending soon & 1st Look- NEW cover Art!

Art for Cover B and Studio Cover! Jim’s NEW cover Art for Tarot #107! By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers, A & B, with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping ETC may NOT ship early, they will go out as soon as we receive them from our Printers. $5 […]

NEW! Krampus Mystery Bundle!

Keep the Krampus in Krampusnacht! Celebrate the Yule season with this Krampus themed bundle! Featuring the The very 1st Krampus art piece by Jim Balent, on the unique poly packet! As well as an exclusive rectangular badge with Toony Tarot getting her Krampus spanking!. Then inside I’ll cram Krampus themed comics, prints & other goodies. […]

Limited to 20: Witchy Mystery Bundle!

Something Witchy this way Comes! We celebrate the Halloween season with this bundle of Treats and that’s no trick! Featuring the uncensored Halloween honey art on the Tarot Witchy poly packet! As well as a Sticker with the same image. The rest are Spooky themed comics, prints & other goodies. Parcel will value at $60 […]