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One of a Kind Pledges!

Jim Balent and I have been working together in the same studio for 20+ years! And in that time we've snapped a few photos. Some for art reference, some for fun but always inspired by the lovely ladies that set the style of pin up years before. You'll see the influence of Bettie, Marilyn, Elvira, Lucille and more in the photos we chose to create this deck of cards. Each and every card IS UNIQUE! You'll even find a few pin up illustrations by Jim and I included.

The photos are burlesque in nature and only tease nudity but our art is for Mature Viewers. But with your support, I promise it will be a 52 pick up of Pin Up Playtime! 
I've Created, what I think, are some very exciting bundles. I hope you enjoy looking through and choosing from them as much as I enjoyed fashioning each one Exclusively for this Kickstarter Campaign.

Please have a gander at the buffet of cheesecake below!

C'mon and play with ME!

Holly G! 
Below is Jim's Profile link where you'll see all the past projects and when We launch at 10am EST- the Play a Game with Holly banner will appear and I'll also send another Newsletter with a direct link. But sign up to follow Jim and you'll get an email from Kickstarter when the project launches :)

Here are 2 of the
one of a kind Pledges…


Bettie’s Blue Bikini


Bettie’s Stare