By Popular Demand: Tarot#5 Reissued UnCensored!


Tarot# 5

This Epic one shot Issue,
that contains the first appearance
of Morb-Meb-Dred, has been out
of print for nearly a decade
. Now we will REissued it in
a high quality Uncensored Edition!
The reIssue will have Both Cover A
( on the Front) and Cover B
( on the back) signed High
Quality Cover. $12.50

We are also offering a very
Special Holiday Limited Edition,
the ‘Dragon Chrome” Variant,
A Rainbow Chrome High Quality
Cover Limited to only 25. signed
and numbered this Edition
will be $45

AND a our
” Dragon Silver Snow Edition”
which is printed on a silver hue
metal. Only 10 will be created,
numbered and signed for $100.

AND a our ” Gold Hilt Edition”
which is printed on a gold hue
metal . Only 10 will be created,
numbered and signed for $100 .

Click the Editions
you desire for Purchase.

Tarot Witch of the
Black Rose #5
Art & Story by Jim Balent
full colour “Dragon Witch”
Tarot’s Moon ritual is interrupted
by something very huge
that her BatCat Pooka
has dragged in!

Picture 5

uncensored edition

Picture 4

Dragon Chrome edition

Picture 3

Dragon Silver Snow Edition


Hey All! 
We were told that Metal
#16s should be here
after Thanksgiving! 
Also Tarot#30 issues
are going to press! 
 Pin Up Playing Cards,
first Tier shipped yesterday-
that’s early!! 
So I’ll ship the 2nd tier
after we come back from
Austria & Germany! 
We’re bizy bees and
hope to see some
of you at VIECC!!!