Revealing the $15K Stretch Goal: Bonus Divination Deck!


Join the Game
and Reveal
Your Path!

Hey All! We’re close to our
2nd Stretch Goal so we wanted to share
what we’ve planned beyond that.
A Bonus Divination Deck! Some of You
helped bring our last year’s Tarot
Divination/Playing card deck
to a reality, so this may look
familiar to you! It is an extension
of the Divination portion of the
first deck and for those who don’t
have that deck, it is a stand alone
experience to consult the cards
on particular matters.
There will be 18 Unique cards,
all featuring the art of Jim Balent
and will be for Mature Viewers
and Use ONLY!  With your support ,
all pledge packages of $25 and up
will have this Bonus Divination
Deck included! I’ve been working
on some watercolor portraits of
my idols, if you would wish to
pledge for a particular Idol,
you can PM me and I will create
a Special Pledge package for you!
Here are some of the ones that are
available: Rebel Princess, Morticia Adams,
Lily Munster, Marilyn Monroe
& Siouxsie Sioux.
So spread the news! And Thank You
for embracing Jim and my work –
it means the world to us!


Our $15K stretch Goal:
Bonus Divination Deck!


Original ArT!