SDCC Exclusives: First Look at Tarot#105 Photo Foil & More!

Here's a peek at what will be at our Booth #1715 this year! 
Below you'll see Jim's Back Cover Art, that I coloured, for our 'Drawn Together Book Eleven" 
After that you'll see our Exclusive Tarot# 105 Foil PhotoCover and it features BroadSword VP, Holly Golightly-ME! It's Super shiny, Limited to a Print Run of 100. It's our Very First Photo PhotoCover! 
Next is a glimpse of what Faerie Sticker will be found at SDCC with your purchase of a Faerie Realm Passport-or presenting of one owned! since we'll be near the harbor, The Little Mermaid decided she'll like to say Hello! 
And Lastly and most Fluffy, The Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy: Refluffed Ed. 2 Pangur CosPlay Stickers! The Little MEOWmaid & Doctor MEW!- And Kickstarter Backers- look for tracking email tomorrow...the basic pledge package of the Graphic novel will start going out Friday!

At look at our SDCC Exclusives!


Drawn Together Book Eleven


Our very 1st Foil PhotoCover!


Our Faerie Realm Passport!


The Return of Prince Fluffy Butt!