Spellbook is back AND with NEW Variant Covers!!


The Tarot Spellbook

Art by Jim Balent Spells by Holly Golightly

This 24 page full color book features artwork by Jim Balent and Spells written by Holly G! The Spells focus on Tarot and on her dark sister, Raven Hex. This Book is ONLY INTENDED FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE! Rituals should be performed with the utmost care or the book may just be enjoyed for the art & writing- but again ONLY for a Grown Up Reader.

High Quality Cover$25

We are also offering a very Special Limited Edition, the ‘Sun Blessed Edition” Variant, A Shimmer of Gold Glazed High Quality Cover : Limited to only 10 signed and numbered this Edition will be $45

AND a our ” White Magick Edition” which is printed on a metal ! Only 5 will be created, numbered and signed for $100.

when you visit our store page, please Click the Editions you desire for Purchase or else you haven’t placed a order :)

Oh and I’ll be on Facebook Live at around 10:30am est! (12/20/16)

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