In the Studio:Update on Tarot#104 & peek at #105


We wanted to keep you in the know

about the shipping of Tarot#104-

So here’s what happened:
Last week the freight company called and

we arranged for the books to arrive on

Friday between 10-5pm.
Early Friday morning,

Darren, the driver arrives
even before 10am!
I’d be packing and shipping on Saturday
– I thought!
He rolls open the truck backdoor….

looks through the crates & boxes
….no comics!

Jim jumps in backs and
takes a looks in case

he’d missed them- NOPE- not there!

So we try and call the terminal-

their phones are down! EEP…
deep breath-

I’ll call them later that day. Which I did.
Played leap frog phone till
I got to the right person

who says- oh mmm I guess I’ll walk

to the loading dock and look for them.

I express that we NEED our shipment

and to please call when she has an update.

No call back SO I call back and was told

she too busy to look right now…

well I know the long weekend is
coming up…

SO now I’m hoping that tomorrow

there will be good news!
I’ll keep you posted!
WE do know that the book
came out BEAUTIFUL,
we received 2 copies of it via UPS! AND
the stores will have theirs May 31st…
Our wonderful Printer of 18 years,
calmed me down and said no matter
what we will get our books.
I must say they will be worth the wait
and the Gift is pretty groovy for the peeps
who Pre-Ordered the Special/ETCs.
OH and the Faerie stickers
are here ready for the parcels too!
So Hang in there – I know I am!!!

Tarot 14Silver

The Tarot#104 Gift!

We’ve been working all weekend-
and will be today as well,
on Tarot#105! It’s a Fun,
beautiful and very intimate issue- well- it is a Honeymoon Adventure!


what I’ve been working on
….a page of Tarot#105