Tarot #102 Crypt Chick Photo $9.99 Special!

Did You miss the Spirited Edition?

Tarot #102 Photocover CosPlay Edition

Story & Art By Jim Balent

MATURE AUDIENCE Third in a Series of Bodypainted Tarot Character Photocovers by the team of famed & award winning Body Painter, Nick Wolfe, Fantasy photographer, SGH PhotoArt and featuring Emily Åström ,as our Rocker Ghost- Crypt Chick CosPlayer, Bagged & Boarded .


Signed by Artist Add on available

In the Studio Updates


Tarot#50 ReIssued

Hey Everybody!

We received the Gold Metal Vampire #1 the 2018 Edition and it looks RAD! I’ll be shipping them next week AND we also received the Pearl & Glossy editions to “Yeah I drew it”- I’ll be shipping those as well! I think you’ll really like how they came out.

We’re working hard on on Tarot#109 which will be in stores March 28th- and the 18th Anniversary of Tarot & BroadSword Comics!

BIG hint – Tarot#50 connects to this current storyline! So if you missed it, pick up your copy- comes with 2 free comics! CLICK HERE to reserve your copy.