Tarot #14 REISSUED! Spectacular Collector’s editions!


Tarot#14:”Trouble with Trolls!

Tarot#14 has been out of print for Many Many YEARS! Because of the May Day season just around the corner, we will REissued it in a high quality Edition! The reIssue will have the UNCENSORED CoverB ( on the Front) and CoverA ( on the back) signed High Quality Cover. $12.50

We are also offering a very Special Limited Editions: the ‘May Day Pole Pearl” Variant, A Pearlized High Quality Cover Limited to only 10 for $45

a our ” ‘Silver Magick Metal Edition” which will be the Pencils of Cover B printed on Silver metal . Only 5 will be created, numbered and signed for $100

a our ” ‘Sun Ray Metal Edition” which is printed on Golden metal . Only 5 will be created, numbered and signed for $100

AND as a $20 Add On- the 2 original art prints will be reissued numbered and signed!

All you have to do is Click the Editions you desire for Purchase in our online store.


The UNCENSORED art for our Tarot#14 ReIssue!


Fairy Kiss Art Print


Troll Queen & Jon Art Print

Tarot 14Silver

These gorgeous Pencils of Jim will be Printed onto Silver Metal for the “Silver Magick”ed. Only 5 to be created!