Tarot#100 Extended Edition is in the House!


They’re Here!!!

Books will start being shipped this week!

I will do them in order of pledge levels and when you pledged- so there’s some sort of order…Just remember if you did do ADD ONS that are created as yet- please be patient :)

asking me if they’ve shipped- doesn’t make em ship quicker- plus I have a poopy head cold and I’m not up to full speed as yet.

Spellbooks are in- so you will not have to wait too long- but signatures take a bit longer- cause Jim is working on Tarot#101 and I have to wait till he comes up for a break to get him to sign.

I’ll have a little tea & honey and then start a batch, with luck for tomorrow’s post!

Hurray- I’d do a video as soon as my voice comes back!

Again Thank You xxxx

Happy Halloween!



The Extended Edition’s 4 versions

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