Tarot#105 $5 Special!


Tarot#105: Stonehenge Honeymoon!

By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers, A & B(unsigned) , with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping ETC may NOT ship early, but they will go out as soon as we receive them from our Printers.
Don’t forget you can Add On Photocover, Artprint, studio and or Skyclad editions too!

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$5 Studio Edition Special!


Photocover Edition!


Art Print edition!

And the Story:

Tarot#105: “Stonehenge Honeymoon! “

Jon surprises Tarot with a romantic Honeymoon trip to Stonehenge! Unfortunately they are not alone! Demons and Banshees dwell among the standing stones! Prayers of Devils and Pipes of Pan weave a spell over the virgins who lie beneath the haunted moon. Not exactly how Jon envisioned his night with Tarot!

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