Tarot#105 Special ends May12th & In the Studio Updates :)


Stonehenge Honeymoon!

With this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print, Photocover, a Mystery Gift & Bonus Goodie that will be a NEW Faerie sticker to collect & place in your Faerie Passport!– JUST for This Bundle. You may also add the Studio Cover (TBA) and or The Skyclad will be the unedited Cover A-if you wish

Tarot105-fin-fix copy

Last week for Tarot#105!!

What’s happenin’ in the Studio:

Today Jim is bizy colouring the cover for Tarot#106 so get ready to see that enchantment this week!
If you had trouble using our Paypal express this past week- ALL FIXED! something about invoice #s duplicating and because security is uber safe & high, it wasn’t letting you have fun shopping! But I called the techs and had it all sorted out !
So let the FUN begin!
I’m putting finishing touches on Tarot#104 production, so this baby is nearly in the can!

Tarot #14 & #41 reissues Reg, pearl & chrome are in the studio and they are BEAUTIFUL! so shipping will begin on those this week.
Happy Monday!


Tarot#104 Cover B $5 Special ends May 12th

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