Tarot#106 $5 Special! And Studio Updates


The Spirit of Halloween!

With this Special, You’ll receive
Covers A & B, + a Bonus Goodie $5
You may also add the Photocover,
Deluxe Art Print edition, Studio Cover
(TBA) and or The Skyclad
will be the unedited Cover A-
if you wish


It’s Halloween Hootenanny!


Art Print will not be edited


Photocover !

In The Studio:

Hey Guys!
Just a quick what’s goin’ on in the studio,
Well actually we’ll be on the road next
week on our way to SDCC! But before that,
I just packed up a whole bunch of Pangur
Kickstarter parcels and studio orders.
So check your email for tracking info
if you are expecting some goodies!
Don’t worry if you haven’t.
Either you’re still a pre-order
or I’ll have it out to you after

Our Booth# at SDCC is 1715…
I hope we see you there-
the exclusives look FABULOUS!

Lately, Jim and I are planning
another Kickstarter-
Pangur Refluffed Backers- you just
got a first look in a Backers
Only Update- go have a look!
We’re planning to launch Aug 1st
…so stay tuned –
I’ll drop some more hints soon!
Later Gaters