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Tarot#122 Special Bundle*


Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #122
Alternate Paths: Raven Hex The Swordmaiden #1

Story and Art by Jim Balent
Mature Readers

Raven Hex: The Swordmaiden

Alternate Paths is a New Series embedded into the Tarot bimonthly publishing schedule.
Issue one is the story of what if Raven Hex decided to accept the title of the Swordmaiden from the
Goddess and how the world would be different with a Dark Path Witch wielding the enchanted sword!

With this Special, You'll receive Covers A (shown above) & B , the Deluxe Art Print , 
CosPlayer Photocover, Bonus Mystery Gift and JUST for This Bundle a brand new Faerie Passport Sticker.

New for the Series of Bodypainted Tarot Character Photocovers by the team of famed & award winning Body Painter,
 Nick Wolfe, Fantasy photographer, SGH PhotoArt and featuring Emily Åström ,as the bewitching Raven Hex CosPlayer, Bagged & Boarded . 
comes signed/bagged&boarded

 You may also ADD ON:
 the Classic cover for Tarot#2 Remastered! (for Only $15-reg $19.99) 

Skyclad Cover A or B for $50each or BOTH for $75