VampFire #1: ReKindled Celebrate 20 years of Holly G!’s Vampire/Demon Saga!


VampFire#1: The Demon Key!

Celebrate 20 years of Vampfire! Cover by Jim Balent & Holly G! This edition has the first part of the Vampfire series as well as pin-ups by Jim Balent & Holly Golightly

Vampfire#1:The Demon Key by Holly Golightly

Signed High Quality Cover. $12.50

We are also offering a very Special Limited Edition, the ‘Vampire Pearl” Variant, A High Quality Pearlized Cover Limited to only 10. signed and numbered this Edition will be $45

AND a our “Demon Gold Edition” which is printed on a Gold hue metal and will make our the cover shimmer like the flames of Hell! . Only 5 will be created, numbered and signed for $100


Unedited version at our website

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