Witches & Dinos: $5 Special on Tarot#87 Studio Edition


I found a bunch!

I thought we were sold out on the Edition!!!
When I was straighten up after
reorganizing SDCC goodies-
I found a stash of Tarot#87 Studio Edition
with this exquisite cover that
Jim created!
It’s one of my very favs.
To celebrate I’ll have them for $5
and ship em next week
(unless you do a preorder and
don’t include enough postage-
that kinda stuff.)


The Fabulous Dinosaurs in the Mist- one of my very favs!

In the Studio:
Jim is creating Halloweenie Pages
for Tarot#106 and I just shipped
the T-Shirt Pledge Level from
Pangur’s Kickstarter.

I’m almost ready to
launch our NEW Kickstarter!
Lotsa Magick being
made in the Studio!