Well, Suck This!… School Bites vol 1&2 only $10!

You’ve Never Read School Bites?! C’MON!! Have a first taste… Vampires, Friendship, Fun, Romance… (and school uniforms….OH and cupcakes!) Order Now!!

Hand Crafted School Bites Poppets

Hand Crafted School Bites Poppets! ORDER NOW! Each one of these 11″ tall and 8″ wide School Bites Poppets were lovingly hand made by the sweet folks at www.animeHot.net From Cherri’s cute lil bat wings to Fuji’s Swooshie tail! Sold separately for $39.99 or together $69.99 (click the option box you desire), these gals will […]

NEW! Tarot’s Cup of Tea Bundle taste :Print & books

“Tarot’s Cup of Tea Taste Bundle ”  art and comics by Jim Balent Want to find out if Tarot is your cup of tea? Along with this enchanting 6.5×10 b/w art print, we will hand select a variety of 5 Tarot issues that we think will please your palette! So if you’re are new to […]

Tarot#25 PhotoCover FLASH SALE & Store Appearance!

FLASH SALE ends this weekend! Only $5.00! Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #25 ” Superstition!” Story and Art By Jim Balent Tarot is confronted by a Witch’s oldest enemy…”Superstition”. Now she must battle all the falsehoods of Witchcraft to stop this vicious circle of lies. Issue 25 explores Tarot’s identity as a Witch and […]

A Week of Comicon Exclusives: #1 NEW Krampus Artprint

Going over our Comicon Exclusives: Our First Featured Exclusive is: The Return of the Krampus Artprint!  Art by Jim Balent  The 11×17″ artprint has been created on heavy glossy art paper and features the cover of the Nov 2014 of Tarot! Signed by Artist and is a Numbered Edition of 50. It is set to […]

Don’t miss your reservation for our Comicon 2014 Sketchbook!

  Hey who caught me?!…Can you Guess? Drawn Together vol8 Comicon Special snip above San Diego Comicon is just around the corner for us! We wish we could see all of you there, but from chatting with you on facebook and through e-mails, we know it’s not possible. So we wish to make sure that […]

First Look at Tarot#89 Return of the Krampus!

The Yule Devils are BACK Nov 2014 In this Special you will receive Tarot#89 Cover A,B,& The signed deluxe Litho, PLUS a surprise Gift!…  all for $20! Pre-Order Now!  Limited Time Offer!  

SDCC Exclusive School Bites Poppets!

Cute & Cuddley! We have had Exclusive hand made Poppets of Cherri Creeper & Fujiko, created for Holly G!’s School Bites, Celebrating 10 Years of her fanged, fun and friendly Vampire Manga! Each Poppet comes with a collection of every School Bites Edition from 2004, to the brand new 2014 edition!!! – The Happy Maker […]

Part One of Tarot#87 Exclusive Online…

…For bscDigital Members Only! Are you a Member? If not for $4.99 a month , you may read through our online Library, which includes Sketchbooks, Every tarot Issue, VampFire, 3K, School Bites and even Exclusive material that were edited for print or just created for our site! There’s also Videos and a shout wall! JOIN […]

Skyclad Summer Special!

5 Artprints for $50! SHOP NOW $90 for Signed Collection while supplies last Jim and I have been uber bizy finishing up Tarot#87 early for SDCC thi sYear, which means I’ll be sharing part One of the issue EARLY on www.bscDigital.com this week!! So Join up if you can’t wait to see the Silly Prehistoric Slapstick Adventure! […]