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Q.How long till I get my Goodies?

A. When we get your order it may take 2-3weeks for your parcel to get to you. If you're lucky you maybe ordering the day before I'm packin' and Presto! You'll have it in 3-4 days. If we are on MAJOR comicbook deadline it may take 3-4 weeks. You may always check in with us through email me. Please, have the date you ordered ready, that helps me find it very quickly. Make sure you know if you have a Preorder and only enough postal funds for one shipment. That will hold your order title the comic you ordered is printed and shipping

Q. How do we ship?

A. We ship with USPS, you will receive tracking info once I've shipped you from our balent22@epix.net email, so add that to 'Don't put me in the Spam Folder' list. I usually ship Priority Flat Rate, so they are insured for $50, We can not be held responsible for your local delivery service's mistreatment of parcels. Pinch your Posty if they are rough with your stuff! but PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT SHIPPING OPTION! If you order a really a lot of books, do not choose the Priority Envelope. Read the description of the Postage amount and whether it's USA, CANADA or INTERNATIONAL

Q.Does Jim do commissions or sell his original art... ?

A.Sorry, he does not.With his work schedule on Tarot BUT commission may be available when he does a Kickstarter ( Pencil.inks.writing and some colour work...time left over is needed for eating, sleeping, and gaming, XboxOne-you know basic human needs ;) BUT if you sign up with our Email Newsletter you will be alerted to when original art might be available. PS my live screen name XBOX is : HollyWitch yes-I play Gwent : D

Q.What conventions are you doing... ?

A. That info is on our Facebook pages and I'll make a special page here on the website