EarlyIncentive Tarot#108

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EarlyIncentive Tarot#108

    EarlyIncentive Tarot#108

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    EarlyIncentive Tarot#108
    Tarot#108: " Night of the SkeletonMan" 

    Tarot is shot while accompanying the Skeleton Man on one of his missions! Jon must steal a police car to save her life! Time is ticking away as Tarot bleeds out! Meanwhile, Raven Hex is attacked by two of Azure's minions as they attempt to retrieve his severed arm. 

    Photocover Edition: Boo Cat’s Attention is grabbed by a particular book! Burlesque star, Delilah Lilac as Boo Cat, is featured on this first photo cover of 2018. Let’s bring in the New Year with a BOO! Signed by Artist/Creator Jim Balent Bagged & Boarded . Limited Print Run. 

    Deluxe Art Print,“Rainy Day” by Jim Balent. 6.5x10" signed and limited to 500 
    Ships Late Jan 2018

    Skyclad Photo Edition                    SkyClad Print Add On                    Deluxe Art Print Edition

    By ordering with the ETC, you will receive both covers, A & B, with a bonus Gift! for only $5.00 + shipping ETC may NOT ship early, they will go out as soon as we receive them from our Printers.

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