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In Stores Feb 2023

Early Bird Incentive Special : Tarot#138 Covers A & B

Welcome to the Early Bird Incentive $7 Special!!
 With this Special you will receive the A & B covers of the Issue that is featured
Along with a Mystery Gift! ( a $12.98+ value!)

* Please understand, just because you ordered early doesn't mean you will receive
this edition early. It takes time for the trucks to arrove at the studio and for us to ship everything out.

"The Gourd Golem"
Our 23rd Anniversary Issue!
Boo Cat tries to rescue an Herb Witch from an 8 foot tall Gourd Golem.
But she is  also captured and is tied to poles making her into a living scarecrow!
Tarot tries to rescue them both but soon finds out her Magick is useless against the Golem!

Delightful Delilah Lilac, as Boo Cat, in a lovely pumpkin patch
is the Limited edition Tarot#138 Cosplayer Photocover!
comes signed by artist bagged & boarded!

Flip through the photos to see the ADD ONS:

Photocover Edtion +$15