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Exclusive Tarot Playing Card Deck SOLD OUT

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Exclusive Tarot Playing Card Deck SOLD OUT'.
Exclusive Tarot Playing Card Deck

With this Deck, both the Magickally inclined and card aficionados would enjoy. A deck that you can play your favorite card games and also gaze into the unknown with. we assigned our comicbook characters to specific card suits.: Tarot to represent Heart/Cups, Raven Hex as Spades/Swords, Skeleton Man as Clubs/Wands and the Diamonds would be a pantheon of supporting characters such as Boo Cat, Crypt Chick, Dragon Witch and more. PLUS there are 19 Special Divination cards that you may add to the deck when you are peeking into the future! Comes with Guide to the Cards booklet.

This is a Limited Edition & Exclusive to our Studio.