Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do you Ship?
  2. International Shipping?
  3. Does Jim do Commissions or sell his Originals?
  4. What Conventions are you doing?
  5. How do I use the Shopping Cart and Paypal?
  6. When is a Certain Comic Coming Out?
  7. Where may I get Tarot#8 and any other other SOLD OUT issues?!
  8. How do I order?
  9. Why are some comicbooks more expensive than others?
  10. I'm a Store and I want to about Wholesale
  11. Where's My Order?!

How do we ship... ?

When we get your order it will take 2-3weeks for your parcel to get to you.

If you're lucky you maybe ordering the day before I'm packin' and Presto! You'll have it in 3-4 days. Our Packing & Shipping days are usually Monday & Tuesday.

If we are on MAJOR comicbook deadline it may take 3-4 weeks.

You may always check in with us through email or call 717-982-0594. Please, have the date you ordered ready, that helps me find it very quickly.

We use the US Post , if all items are in stock , they will all go out Priority Mail, 1st Class or parcel post depending on the weight and where it's going: the Post changed their Priority shipping and it costs more the further it has to go :(

After it's shipped-usually it will take 3-4 days once in the mail.

The package is mark do not bend, if it is packed in a stiff envelope type packet.

All Pre- Orders ( that don't have enough shipping funds for Priority) will be shipped 1st Class or Media Mail.'bout 4-10days

We pack each order with the utmost of care!

Because of the USPS postage increase (and it's been a lot :P ) the Tarot Yearly Subscriptions of $120 (which has no shipping charges included), must be sent 1st Class now.

I'm sorry we are not doing any new subscriptions- it got a bit confusing.


If you wish your order rushed , contact us and we'll fill you in on additional shipping charges and try our darndest to help you.


Or if you wish to save some money , you may ask me 1st Class or Media Mail charges and you can paypal the whole order with the slower shipping rate (4-10 days)-BUT- you can't track it and it may get stolen....just what our readers have told me : (

our Paypal account name is:

We can not be held responsible for your local delivery service's mistreatment of parcels.

I have put an option to have the comics bagged and boarder for an additional charge.

IMPORTANT! you MUST include your address on your order form. This does not mean on your check or Money order! It must be on your actual order. If not your order can not get to you!!! An e-mail address is always good if we need to contact you too. So if you didn't get your delivery, it's a good chance this happened! CONTACT US!

Our Address for mail in orders is :

Jim Balent Studio
PO Box 596
Brodheadsville PA

If you wish to print out an Order Form to mail in a check or Money Order click here.

If you use Paypal or send a MO , your order is turned around (depending if it's a weekday) in about 48hrs, 72hrs if you have an unconfirmed address with Paypal ( we had some naughty shoppers who gave missing info on their paypal and stole some comics from us!,remember the 3 fold law!) A check is held about a week to 10days till its cleared. Bounce a check and you pay $20 for processing!

I'd be happy to help you with any RUSH gifts or purchases just e-mail me and I'll help you with the extra shipping payments

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International Shipping... ?

I have installed an Air Mail Button on the Cart for international orders. Make sure you choose the right shipping for your country & order.

So just proceed with the shopping cart and at the end you will see the Radio button to make your choice of shipping or please tell us how quickly you wish your order, if you do not pay international charges , your package will be sent out the only way affordable to what shipping you did pay. If the cart isn't displaying the International Priority choice, it's a browser problem. Sorry...But continue any way and I will contact you on the extra funds that need to be paypaled to us.

We usually ship Priority ,which is international now.

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Does Jim do commissions or sell his original art... ?

Sorry, he does not.With his work schedule on Tarot BUT commission may be available when he does a Kickstarter
( Pencil.inks.writing and some colour work...time left over is needed for eating, sleeping,
and Playstaion3 gaming, XboxOne-you know basic human needs ;)
BUT if you sign up with our Email Newsletter you will be alerted to the 10 commission spots for SDCC
or to original art that may be available.

my live screen name on both platforms is : HollyWitch
yes-I play Halo : D

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What conventions are you doing... ?

That info is on our Facebook page!

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How do I use the Shopping Cart and paypal... ?

Just click on the tomb stone that says "take me shopping" It's pretty
straight forward after that.Click on the items to get a detail description of
info on that particular product...colour, size, artist signature etc.

Make sure your 'cookies' are on !
Paypal is GREAT! Reliable and private if you have any questions about their service
go to
you can use a credit card with them, I've even received e-checks from some of our

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When is a certain Comic coming out... ?

I usually post that info on the Studio Door page and the Tarot News page.
If I have put up a date and your Store has NOT received their copies
from Diamond , they should give them a call OR your Store plum forgot to
order your issue and you should tweak them in a very harmless and agreed upon place!
Jim has NEVER missed a Deadline!

The ETC or Early Incentive for any Tarot Issue does NOT ship Early, it
ships when we receive our comics from the printers up in Canada, which is
usually the day before they arrive in Comicbook Stores.
What the ETC is , is an incentive that lets you purchase both covers at
$5 and get a little surprise in your packet (could be anything from a
Litho to a Halloween Goodie bag!). So If you're wondering " Hey where's my
ETC! I ordered it a while ago!" Check the Studio door for the release date
and know we shipped it on that day or a day early : D
Hope that helps.

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Where may I get Sold Out issues of Tarot?!

You may get them all Digitally now.
Visit for single issue purchases for iGadgets & OS
and Or for our Members Online website with our full library plus extras

I mainly see them on Ebay selling for about $35-50 along with
other SOLD OUT Issues. Or look to see if that issue is in a Trade Paperback.
But Here are some Comic book stores who may be able to Help!:

* Harrison's
Salem,Ma /978-741-0786
Contact: Lawrence

*Comic Masters
537 Whitehall Mall
Whitehall PA 18052
They carry current issues. Ask for Dom or Harry

Also try Ebay! I sometimes see them up for sale there!
But be warned ,They can get Expensive! Ya-Za!

And any CD with our work is a Bootleg and the people who create/sell them ...
Will be HEXED!

If you're a store and wish to be listed here please email us your info : )

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*If you are a STORE and need back issues either try through Diamond.

You may email me directly to find out Minimums and set up an account
for ordering back issues and other merchandise with us.


Hey! Why are some comicbooks more expensive than others?

It's because the stock on that particular issue is VERY low.
And we will not go back to press for a singular issue, so the comic
is more valuable. (Just check out Ebay-Yikes #7 goes for $35 WoW!)

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How do I order
You can Order with our shopping Cart. When you click on the Tomb Stone
from the Jim Balent Site it will take you to our Miva Cart which has all the product
on it all nice and organized,the images are a bit smaller and that's why you can
view them better on the 'Jim Balent Studio' site. So just click through on the cart,
you may always contact me if you have any questions. When you get to the end of
the Miva Cart shopping experience it will ask how you wish to pay, Paypal is great!
I use it myself! You may use your credit card with them,debit cart or even a E-check.
If you don't have an account with them, I believe all you have to do is give them the basic info.
I have never had a problem with them and you can phone them if you need them! COOL!
After we've made your Paypal payment , we get your order and it goes into the shipping phase!
(unless it's an e-check and we wait for the check to clear, I believe it takes 3-4 days)

If you are paying with a check, put in your check number. This is just for records.
With a Money Order,use the check option and create a number, like I said it's just for our
records so don't worry.
This DOES NOT mean you paid for your order you MUST SEND IN THE CHECK.
Then print out your order ,
Or you may not get your order! We have 2 orders without owners!!!
Just bits of paper with a list of comics and nowhere to ship them AAARGH!
Anyway, mail your order to us and the shipping process will kick in once we get it :)
You can always e-mail me for your order status( yes sometime the post sucks, but rarely).

You must send in your payment in 10 days or we will void your order. Issues are selling out

so we will only hold the order that long. : 0

.Hey, I'm an AOL user and I want the BroadSword Newsletter!
Make sure you have us on your do not filter AOL list so you may receive Newsletters
and receipts from your orders.

Where's My Order

If you haven't received your order within 2-3 weeks of placing it through
Paypal. Email us so we may trace it or give you an update.
If you paid by check please remember ,check clearing time takes 10 days
then expect it in 2-3 weeks.
or you 'Pre-ordered' and your issue has not gone to press yet!

If you are worried about your books coming quickly or want tracking
availability, best click the 'Priority Mail' option when PRE-ORDERING
you can even Track your Priority mail if you've supplied us with an Email Addy!
Once it's shipped you'll get an email with a tracking #....

Your Parcel will ship Media or 1st Class if there's not enough shipping funds.

If you want a Pre-order as soon as we get them-make sure to take the
"priority Extra shipping +$5.50' Option
IF you are ordering a bunch of other issues
that are current and will ship before.
If you're not sure just email and we'll give you an update, you may always
paypal any extra shipping funds and even upgrade to overnight for B-Day Gifts!: )