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Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy vol 1

Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy: Mother of Fluffins Edition

by Holly G!

On Dec 31st, 2011 a little furry bundle of joy was brought off a Delta flight and into our lives. We already had his name picked out from an animated film that I fell in love with, Pangur Ban! He was the first kitten I truly ever raised. But soon we noticed he wasn't like any other cat that we've known. Pangur was clownish, affectionate, personable, and a big chicken- he was a character and I HAD to draw his antics!

So I shared on my webcomic page what life with this wonderful, silly puff of fluff added to our lives, I've love to collect all those comic strips I did from 2011 to 2015 and even create a few NEW ones. This will be a comicbook size, 128 page, full color perfect bound paperback!

Each book will be signed and we have a very limited stock.